Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Once you've download an app and open it, you will be instructed to download your first set of wallpapers. We suggest that you are connected to Wi-Fi when you do this, just because of the size of all the pics you'll be downloading. We can't include all the pics in the app to begin with when you download it since it would exceed the size of the apps allowed on the Google Play store. Now that you have all the pics on your phone, you'll set the app as the Live Wallpaper and that's it, you're set. Every day from there on out, your phone will automatically update it's wallpaper to a brand new image at midnight, so you can wake up to a fresh new phone every morning.


Do I manually have to change the wallpaper?

Nope, in order for your phone to automatically change it's background everyday, we have designed our apps to take advantage of the Live Wallpaper functionality in Android. Though our apps are not animated, just static. Once you set your wallpaper app, you won't have to worry about it until you ever want to change it...hopefully to another one of our apps... :)


Why only Android?

Unfortunately, iOS does not allow the functionality to allow us to change your wallpaper in the background. Until that changes, we are Android exclusive and will be taking advantage of all the features that the platform allows.


Where do you get your pictures from?

We purchase all our high quality and professional images from licensed photography providers. If we aren't buying our pictures, we are creating original and unique content on our own.


Why do these apps cost money?

Unfortunately, these apps don't create themselves. We have to purchase pictures for these apps, host all our content on servers for people to download them from, develop new apps, and try and provide the best wallpaper experience we can...


When does the app change my background?

Once you've up and running, it will automatically change your background to a new image every day at midnight.


Why only one picture a day?

Well, we believe good things come to those who wait... We think that having your wallpaper change more often makes it less special. We think it's just the right amount of time. We believe that when you only one new background a day, you get to truly enjoy it for the whole day, not tire of it, and look forward to what a new day will bring.


How do I turn it off?

We actually built a simple switch into the settings to turn off the app. Since it is not running as a Live Wallpaper, we allow you to control the function of the app here.


Does the app cost me anything after the first year?

No... Most of our apps will not cost you anything after you purchase it. Once you buy it, it is yours...


What if I delete my app, will I have to repurchase the app?

No worries. As long as you use the same Google Play account to re-download the app you won't have to repurchase your app again. 


What about 2016, 2020, and 2024? Aren't those leap years?

Yep, we know there are leap years every four or so years and we've planned accordingly. You'll get 366 backgrounds those years. Though, who knows in 2024 you may be getting your 366 images in hologram form by that point... 


Will this app drain my battery?

Nope, we've developed these apps to have a very minimal impact on battery life. We even set up the app to NOT run as a Live Wallpaper, which uses more of your battery resources.


What's the deal with the name?

The name Breaking Away Apps is an homage to one of our favorite older movies.



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Breaking Away Apps is dedicated to being the leader in themed daily Android wallpaper apps. We only use the highest quality pictures and original content to create unique and beautiful apps for your smartphones and tablets.