Puppies, without the responsibility and never growing up...

There is probably no greater bliss for you than being 'attacked' by a pack of loving puppies. Well, this is about as close as you can get to that. Instead of being swarmed by real puppies, you will wake up to a cute, tiny, playful digital puppy every morning. The best part; there is no house training, no chewed up furniture, no sleepless whiny nights, no expensive vet bills because the pooch swallowed the tennis ball whole...whole. All the glorious cute-ness of puppies without any of the responsibility. It doesn't matter what mood I am in with this one, it brings a smile to my face every time I unlock my phone.

Check out all the different themed daily wallpaper apps that we've created. Each app is dedicated to a specific theme and will change your devices' background to a new image every day throughout the year.

Have questions about how our apps work? Hopefully we've covered all the subjects that you want to know the answer to here...like, "Why didn't you come up with this a year ago?" OK, we don't have a good answer to that.

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Breaking Away Apps is dedicated to being the leader in themed daily Android wallpaper apps. We only use the highest quality pictures and original content to create unique and beautiful apps for your smartphones and tablets.