Ami Vitale Wallpapers

Ami Vitale is a Nikon Ambassador and National Geographic photographer. Her photographs have been exhibited around the world in museums and galleries. Her journey  has taken her to 90 countries and her photographs have been commissioned by nearly every important international publication and been exhibited around the world in museums and galleries. 

Now based in Montana, she continues to make films and stories of the planet's most important issues and frequently gives lectures and workshops throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia.

Ami has taken some of her award winning photography and turned it into an Android app that can take you along her journeys. You may not be able to physically travel with Ami as she snaps pictures of baby Rhinos in Africa, but this app will get you as close as you can get from your phone... Every day your phone wallpaper will automatically change to a new picture from Ami and take you along to Egypt, Sri Lanka, Guinea Bissau, or wherever that picture is from for that day. Your phone's background will surprise you every day with a new colorful, interesting, and visually rich picture from Ami's expansive portfolio.

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